Kenny's Lawn Care is a full service Lawn care and Landscaping business. We offer many different services to include trimming, cutting, edging, mulching, sprinkler system installation and repair, lawn plugs and new lawn installations, bushes, shrubs and tree trimming and planting. We are located in Orlando and service both residential and commerical clients. Check out Kenny's Lawn care. Come and see the service that our clients are raving about! Don't just get a lawn service - get Kenny's Lawn Care!

Lawn Care Tips

Tip #1 - Lawn Care:
Change your mowing height to match the time of year. For example spring and eary fall grass should remain 2 to 3 inches off the ground. You can allow it to grow higher in the summer and lower that 2" in the winter.

Tip #2 - Irrigation:
It is recomended to give your sprinkler system a tune up twice a year. Check your valves to make sure that none of them are partially closed. Installing drip irrigation system is a great way to water your gardens.

Tip #3 - Mulching:
Mulch helps to hold moisture in the ground and provides insulation from the hot sun and cold nights. Mulch is also very beneficial to Florida plants providing nutrients to the soil when it decays.

Tip #4 - Watering:
Make sure your lawn is not over watered. Most grass types should recieve between 1 - 1.5" of water per week. Most grasses tend to handle dry spells well and bounces back when watered after a dry spell.


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- Sheldon K. Orlando, FL.

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